The initial euphoria of finding a new training tool and putting it into action can quickly disappear after a peek into the team coffers

So that your team doesn’t have to bear the cost of your new SKILLSHIRTZ® set, it makes sense to find a sponsor who will finance your set and in return can display their logo on the shirts.

For a surcharge of 20€ we can deliver the SKILLSHIRTZ® set directly to you with a monochrome black, premium offset print of your sponsor’s logo.

You benefit from a new and innovative training tool while your sponsor gets to present their brand on an extremely attractive advertising space. SKILLSHIRTZ® are a guaranteed head turner at every training ground.

If you’ve already found sponsorship, send us an enquiry with your sponsor’s logo to: office@brainskillz.eu (in .svg or .png file format).

If you’re still searching for sponsorship, you can download a flyer here, in PDF format,  which you can use to show potential sponsors the purpose of their contribution and how they can benefit from having their logo on your SKILLSHIRTZ®.


Support a team or club and donate a SKILLSHIRTZ® set with your company logo. The players benefit from a new and innovative training tool, while you can display your company branding on a very exciting advertising space. SKILLSHIRTZ® are a sure-fire eye-catcher at each and every training session.