Color your Drills, Improve your Skillz


SKILLSHIRTZ® are a multifunctional training tool, that is both brand and design protected. They are colour divided training bibs, each with a different colour on the left and right side of the body. A full set of SKILLSHIRTZ® consists of a total of 12 indivudual SHIRTZ, with combinations of the colours green, red, blue and yellow. For each colour combination, there is a mirrored ‘twin’.

Through these divisions colour signals can be developed, direct or indirect, visual or auditory; which can be utilised as commands for movement or action as part of a cognitive training process.

Training with SKILLSHIRTZ® controls the cognitive training process and combines athletic movement with tasks involving perception, orientation, anticipation, decision-making and reactions. SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used to train athletes individually as well as in small group and team sessions. Thanks to the easy to understand colour system, SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used at practically all ages and skill levels.

Each SKILLSHIRTZ® bib has a number. This number is clearly visible on the left side of the chest and can be quickly read by both coaches and players. This simplifies the organisation and implementation of the exercises and makes the individual SKILLSHIRTZ® quick and easy to locate.



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