SKILLSHIRTZ are available in children’s (JUNIOR) and adult (SENIOR) sizes. The JUNIOR set is roughly equivalent to a size 140/152 and the SENIOR set to a size M/L.

SKILLSHIRTZ bibs can be ordered individually in our SHOP.

As per the SKILLSHIRTZ training concept, you can also train with just 11 SKILLSHIRTZ and in this way various uneven team scenarios can be created. Alternatively, you can remove another SKILLSHIRT and then train with 5 vs. 5 (e.g. the GREEN/RED SKILLSHIRTZ is missing, so the BLUE/YELLOW SKILLSHIRT is removed).

There are many possibilities that allow training with more or less than 12 players. For example, the 12 SKILLSHIRTZ can be supplemented with further ‘ordinary’ bibs in such a way that neutral players are added and, for example, a game of 6 vs. 6 plus 4 can be created.

The SKILLSHIRTZ are clearly numbered. The numbers can be used for communication with the players or within the coaching team. For example, “We need SKILLSHIRTZ no. 5, 6, 9 and 10!” The numbering simplifies training preparation and the coach can quickly check that all SKILLSHIRTZ are present.

In addition, the numbers avoid confusion when reordering individual SKILLSHIRTZ.

Yes! It’s possible to combine several SKILLSHIRTZ sets without any problems. Two or more SKILLSHIRTZ sets can be combined to create uneven teams, to create specific colour combinations or to play with more than 12 players. This makes SKILLSHIRTZ ideal for large groups (e.g. in school sports).

When you purchase a SKILLSHIRTZ set, the SKILLSHIRTZ basic package with 5 basic SKILLSHIRTZ exercises is automatically unlocked in the media library.

In addition, new exercise packages for different areas of training are appearing constantly in our media library, all of which can be purchased in our shop.


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